The Meaning of Infinity

"True realization can come with the understanding that there is no beginning or end. That is an earthbound illusion. There is only existence." @keithgonzalez (Twitter), August 21, 2016

Life on earth is real, and in terms of the bodily senses, there is nothing more to know. This is the essence of the natural sciences that aims to explain the mysteries of life on earth. And for all the research in science, not one study has been able to explain the essence of vitality, i.e. the thing that makes us tick - our life force.

Where does it come from, and where does it go? The answer to this question is: everywhere, nowhere and all points in between. We breathe in a three-dimensional world and our senses are constantly reinforcing that this the plane of existence that needs the most attention. But once we get past the basic training of survival, like "don't walk into traffic" and "don't drink toilet bowl cleaner", then the mind is free to open up to higher states of consciousness. It's at this point that we begin to feel that there is something more, and the quest into spirituality begins.

The questions are so simple, yet so baffling. They hit me sunny-side up one morning while I was making breakfast: What came first, the chicken or the egg? What came before God? Who created the Creator? These kinds of questions have no answer in three-dimensional space. Our senses cannot comprehend existence without a beginning nor end. On earth, we're born into a body, it grows, it fades, it passes. It's simple and complete, with tons of physical and social complexities to keep us busy while the planet spins on its axis. But there is no escape from the existential questions. What happens to my consciousness after all is said and done? Do I return to ash and that's it?

I'd like to offer a glimmer of hope and evolutionary thought beyond the physical. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. There is energy in everything, from the universe to the smallest atom in a hangnail. Everything is in motion, even though some things seem to stand still. Our complex consciousness is a masterpiece designed to engage and manipulate energy from the subtle thought of creativity to the kinetic commands that allow us to dash and dart. Thus, I dare say that it is madness to think that the history of experiences of a lifetime simply vanish into thin air at the exhalation of the last breath. And yet the primal fear of death is the motivating force of so many among us.

There is no way to empirically prove life after death. Such studies are more in the realm of quantum and metaphysical science. The best I can do as a 24/7/365 individual is to take moments and allow my mind to go past the fear of non-existence. I sit in stillness, for just a moment, and think on a reality that has no beginning nor end. I trust that this is the case and ask for the Divine to open my mind to the possibility of seeing the true nature of my soul. It is from this point that I travel to places I cannot see, smell, hear, touch or taste. My third eye of intuition energizes and for a brief instant I see infinity in all its glory and understand that I, too, am part of existence that was, is and always will be.

I invite you to sincerely ask for the same insight. I believe that if you venture into that untouchable space of the mind, a universe of realization will welcome you home.

I wish you safe travels.