No longer surviving

I'm done being a survivor.

I know we've all survived something in life, whether it's an auto accident, child abuse, cancer, or some other life-threatening situation. It's no different with me. I've done the work to survive my items, but they always stayed in the front of my mind as I gave the situations virtual control over my life, doing what I could to prevent their return. Recently I turned the corner. I've mentally moved from 'surviving' to 'thriving' as I now spend my energy praying and meditating on the qualities of life I want rather than what I am trying to prevent from manifesting again. I no longer fear my past and what's happened to me. If any of those things I've survived comes back to haunt me, I know I'll have the tools ready to deal again if needed.

Every day I wake up wondering, "How much closer am I to the great things I've imagined?" "Am I dreaming big enough?" "Does good thoughts dominate my day?" These questions are now at the forefront of my psyche, and everyday I feel like I am getting closer to my dreams.