Sleeping to harvest energy

It's in the small spaces between dreams, in those gaps of time, that we reconnect with the Source of consciousness and know that we are truly not alone. From there we replenish our energy and can once again awake and get through another day of the earthly illusion.

I love esoteric ideas. They give such good fruit for thought that can loom like an object in the hazy mist, just unclear enough to invoke wonderment and awe. I used to think that it was simply sleep and diet that gave us energy to get through the days, but when I heard the above idea quoted back in 2015, I knew I was wrong all along. The source of our animation has nothing to do with diet or hours of sleep. Instead, we gain animation through connecting with the Source, or God, if you will.

Think about the course of the day. A person can eat all the right things and get all the right amount of sleep, but if that person loses motivation, there isn't anything at all that can keep her or his energy going. Motivation is about focus on something that inspires passion. For me, I get a real energy boost from these things, in this order:

  • Fasting and feeling my connection to Spirit
  • Connecting with others at the soul level
  • Connecting with others at the heart level
  • Connecting with my partner at the physical level
  • A puzzle at work or home that needs to be solved
  • Exercise at a sport I enjoy
  • An exciting film or program

Motivation gives a greater boost than any diet or energy drink can provide. Try it sometime. Go have a cup of coffee or some other pick-me-up and then go take on a task that you simply don't want to do. Nothing, right? Another cup of caffeine will just boost the loathing. The motivation, or harvesting energy in the human condition, is more about passion. If we get caught up in something we are passionate about, most times we simply forget to eat until our hands start to shake from the breakdown of complex sugars in our system. But as passion can be a great motivator, it is also a moving target that is often fleeting in nature. All physical passions are like books of matches that eventually burn off. All that is left in the end are some memorable experiences and an empty jacket.

To harness the type of energy that is lasting, one must find stillness and connection. These are the things that matter the most. Those same things remain beyond death and should be the focus of our attention. This is also the key of our deepest happiness while toiling on earth. For when we find what it is that we have come here for, we will have more energy than a bolt of lightning. For the tasks that are wholesome and grow goodness give back the investment tenfold!

To find out if something we choose to do qualifies, it must affirmatively answer one of these questions:

  • Is what I'm doing good in the eyes of God (or your personal higher power)?
  • Do my thoughts, actions and words contribute to the success of others?
  • When confronted with a conflict, do I choose the higher road and genuinely seek peaceful solutions?

Yes, diet and exercise are important, but if the above guidelines are followed, energy will spring from an unlimited source, because the universe is engineered to give back from these types of actions. Tapping in is just a slight but significant shift in one's perspective.

Tonight, take a moment to try and clear your mind. And when you sleep, don't worry about the dreams. Dreams can be exhausting. Focus instead on finding those moments that are as clear and crisp as the night sky. It's in those moments that we reconnect with each other in the great pool of Love.