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Leap of Fate

(In honor of the Maui sunset cliff jumping ceremony - Lele Kawa)

K A Gonzalez - March 21, 2017


Tonight I crawled up the crags and rocks,

Relatively young ones they were,

Formed by recent island eruptions.

These stones, not yet smoothed by the trials of time.

Unlike me, somewhere halfway through this physical journey,

Worn and shaped by my many choices,

Some good, some bad - yet all mine, I thought,

That it cast a reflection on my mortality.


Then the guide came, bearing a torch of flame

Called out in a foreign yet familiar tongue.

He thanked the earth for his time here

Bowed, ran right past and called out again

For the time had come for his personal transition.


I saw him run off to the edge of the rocks,

Effortlessly hopping from grain to gravel

And lighted a path along the way.

At the end he turned to the biggest of fires

Our beloved sun, sinking just above the horizon.


With final breaths he genuflected to all four directions,

Taking one last look at the land, sky and sea.

And the torch that once burned so brightly,

His life force - earthly, proud, and vane

Was cast into the endless sea.

Then with his body, no longer lit with fire

Leaned forward from the cliff and fell without shame.


The ripples stirred deep in my soul

As my hands and feet gripped and held on,

But to what? To this physical illusion?

No longer...

I felt a craving to make the journey,

The only one that could satisfy

And end this life of apprehension and worry.

It was time to let go.


So I made my way to the edge

One carefully placed step at a time.

It was there I made my last stand

And stood before my own fears.

Far down below, the water waited.


With one last goodbye

I felt the gravity, bent my legs

And leapt into eternity.

The aquatic grave accepted my body

And washed it one last time.

All the sins and transgressions,

Once tattoos on my tattered soul



In suspended animation there was a pause,

A brief moment between the here and there.

The healing was instant, my time had not yet come,

And the ocean washed me back ashore.


Naked and exposed, I stood before the many,

Ironically not a one saw me there

For they were all engrossed in their egos,

But I loved them just the same.


The night had come, and the dreams began,

This time more colorful than before.

And as I laid my head to rest

I knew that I had indeed passed,

For I was no longer the same as before that leap of fate

And my life had again just begun.



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Chakras Alive

K A Gonzalez - February 21, 2017


Today the sun rose again

And the beat of my heart

Not knowing what else to do

Did what all the others alive were doing

And kept its pace and tune.


So I began my walk and drank in the view

With my two little ladies walking astride

It was then my thoughts began a-wandering

From my evolving reptilian mind, something new.


A golden flash burst forth from somewhere on the horizon

Chased away the last bits of darkness.

And as the sunlight sank deeper into my eyes

Kundalini stirred from my base and did enliven.


Red, my ground, my soil and roots

Give me a place from where to stand

From where I can feel and create

Among the orange hues of the desert sands.


The snake moves higher up through my spine

And activates my industrious and virile power

From here I conquer mountains as they tower

Climbing one after the other,

From the physical to the sublime.


Yellow yields to a green and open chest

Giving grace to people of past forgiven,

And with a deep breath I start down the quest

Of giving unconditional love

To each and every human.


So now you see me standing here

Freely expressing what I find proper and true

Unfettered as the open sky

And deeper than a blue unpolluted ocean

As I try to make a connection to you.


It moves the energy to this indigo place

Somewhere here in my third and psychic eye,

With a vision that sees through the lie

That says we’re all alone and separated 

While flying together to somewhere nigh.


In a white flash of daylight a new page of life is written. 

And suddenly I realize

That there’s a power of love that guides me,

A permanent link to the Divine

Inviting me to drink from the chalice of the wise.


It’s with this spiritual connection that we thrive

No longer needing to simply survive.

It’s knowing that existence can always change

As it shifts from one reliable moment

To something different and completely strange.


Tomorrow the sun will rise again

And the beat of my heart

Finally knows what it needs to do.

With eyes wide open and arms open wide

This heart will release all the fear trapped within

And make a doorway for love to come inside.


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April 24, 2017


There sometimes comes a shift in life

When driving home to the same ol’ same ol’ 

Takes a turn and heads in a new direction.


It’s curious the different flavors of how it happens.

Sometimes the awakening starts in the morning

When the energy falls faster than the body can rise,

As the subconscious constantly tugs on the lifeline

Trying to run ashore

This ship that no longer wants to sail ‘there’ anymore.


Sometimes it’s more profound and amazing

Like inviting a newfound friend to a local event.

And the universe suddenly shifts gears

The planets dance across the night sky

The spiral galaxies spin a bit faster,

Stirring the mind,

And prevent it from a comfortable slumber.


Either way that it happens, everything becomes different.

The clouds no longer move from left to right,

They’re now flying from east to west!

It’s no longer just a pollinated spring gust of air,

But instead all the bushes and trees are having sex!

And it’s choking everyone out with their dusty mess,

Well, except for the birds and the bees.


Everything’s more dramatic

When life is calling me home

Not that place that is safe and secure,

Where puppies are fluffy

And dinner is on the table right at six.

No, this new place called home

Was there all along, from a childhood wish

That was suppressed by the ‘must dos’ and ‘have to haves’

Of a crazed society where people actively disconnect

And tune instead to television programs of crime stories,

With the only thing being fed is fear in the head.


But once the true direction is identified,

The clouds part from the inside mind.

The journey to homecoming is then quite easy.

It’s just there over that 14-thousand-foot mountain

And across the rope bridges of mile-deep chasms,

Through the desert littered with sanded bones and wayward desires,

Oh, and to bring good boots to pass through the mires.


But what the angelic messenger was reminding

Is that in my own homecoming

All I had to do was open my heart,

And close my eyes,

And see my faith,

And breath deeply through the doubt.

To not push the river that once seemed filled

With a familiar bounty of nourishing fish and gems and gold

And a paycheck…

And to instead just trust.

Because the universe that made all that past for me

Is now serving up a new cup of serenity.

And so now I must

Simply trust

This beautiful transition.


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Inner Vision

(Revision from a 1996 poem by K A Gonzalez)

April 12, 2017


I often wonder

What is happening to this place we call home,

And when will we figure out how to set things right?

Why should I care when the masses are more interested

In socially networking than honoring Christ’s righteous plight?


Nothing appears to make any sense,

And the world has left me

Feeling full of emptiness.

Double-meanings stem from every spoken word.

Poorly chosen words of the rich leadership,

Whose only goal

Is not to lead us to paths of happiness, 

But instead to make sure

That we expressly find checkout lines

With basket cases of fast food and rocket drinks,

Which guarantees an end result of nothing more

Than a caloric crash and the emptying of our minds! 


So I decided to stop listening to the voices

That echo in my mind, telling me to make dead-end choices.

Then I finally recognized from whence the desires came,

It's from those same devices that play songs in my brain.


Input, input, input. When shall you cease?

It all stopped when I turned off everything around

And sat my butt right on the ground.

It took a little time for me to see

With eyes closed and focusing deep within.

That those staticky messages I hear

Clearly did not come from me.


Off with the TV, the radio and things of false worth!

Off with everything not made from dear Mother Earth.

It's time for me to connect to the inner vision,

That becomes more pointed after the quiet begins.


It’s then I feel the mortal presence of my spiritual being,

I feel the skin, the bones and everything in between.

This is me, outside my busy grind,

This is the place for the sacred answers I wish to find.


Now I can watch that silly motion picture box

And listen to the songs that seemingly speak to me.

I no longer buy into the belongings of the outside crowd,

For it’s my own awareness that helps me sing out loud.

I finally found out what it takes to be free,

To roam, adventure, and explore a life full of curiosity.


So let the earth pass away, and let the Big Brothers fight,

For their battle is no longer my personal suicide.

I finally found a smile is more powerful than a gun,

I finally found the reason the reason for living.

I finally found true Love.


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A Centurion's Life

May 5, 2017


I once thought that I was timeless. Then in a moment of doubt I found myself in the womb. Energy had created form, and consciousness became knowledge. From the limitless I was nurtured by boundaries of my mother’s warm shelter. I was born, and now my life is spent carrying memories from experiences and ancestors.

It’s no easy task to learn, to grow, to feel pleasure and pain; and the hardest of all - to express outwardly in such a way that isn’t misconstrued. With my voice, produced by controlled breath, I sing my song. The others watch and listen, deciding to join, to envy, or to scorn. I feel with the planetary influences from my birth and respond in kind.

Now entering the next phase of my existence, mortality feels less of a burden. I’m halfway home, now entering the fifth decade of a centurion’s life. I’ve learned and grew out of my insecurities, and though my faculties have well begun their waning, I feel more alive allowing the sun’s luminescence to shine deeper through my spectacles. I no longer fear the light and can stare into space to daytime and nighttime stars, knowing fully that we are all a part of a mysterious singularity - as I reach out and touch the hand of God.

With this I carry on, spending talents and paying the rent. I praise the younger and curse those who are older, for I must also soon enter the place where they exist - to reminisce a time of youth, and fumble when the body no longer reacts to what the mind commands. And I must remember, from my own and inherited lessons, that no matter what the fading senses do, the spirit has become stronger. Proud of my growing humility, I have not given in to the falsehoods of the illusion of life.

I once thought I was timeless. Then the day ended and I closed my eyes, and dreamed of rain on an endless sea. 


Sunrise Photo