Desert of Death - Desert of Life

in Poetry

Desert of Death, Desert of Life

June 19, 2017

The blazing sun scorched my soul with its never ending giving of light. It burned through days gone past with promises of growth and fulfillment, but that's only one of the giver's aspects. It doesn't tell you about those who lead themselves out into the desert, full of faith but wholly unprepared. The evidence of the lost ones are the skeletons in the sand.

So too did I go with the light shining in my eyes, showing me a mirage around an oasis. I went forward freely without care and full of lust. But the nature of a mirage is to deceive the sight, and so it cast illusions that satisfied the demons and angels on my shoulders. When I awoke from the daydream, I found my body was half-wasted in the sand.

But where there is life, there is hope. The vessel that remained in the windblown sand was still half-full with life. So after the denial, anger, bargaining, and depression of failed experiences had passed - acceptance remained and presented me a mirror. Reluctantly I peered into the reflection and saw a newfound wisdom. Ahead in the distance was a monsoon with the promise to quench and wash clean my tattered soul. I only needed to hold out a little longer and pray for the prevailing winds to send the rains my way.

It came without a drizzle, but with a downpour. It was a flood filled with transformation. And though I could have succumbed to the force of the current and passed away, I instead learned to tread in the flow until I understood its power and purpose in my life. I knew that God hadn't finished with me just yet, because blessings are given to those who defy failure and dare to dream again. 

At first I didn't recognize the form. Grace had come to visit this time, and she was donned with ancient memories that conjured up the ghosts of my past lives. Her hair was ablaze with the whitest of light and her skin was fair and softer than silk. With trust and fearlessness I exposed the deepest of my secrets.

My eyes were fixed upon this beauty, and for a moment I thought I had drowned and crossed over to the shores of eternity. But her legs were made of the roots of the earth, and she bore words that nourished my soul. With her outstretched arms and her gentle squeeze I was elevated and found my strength to thrive once again. Her name whispers the sounds of home, and she communes with those of the otherworld. With her I shall rebuild this temple one stone at a time.

The wounds of decades past may have a bite, but I provide the teeth. The time has come to call the forces of the world, dust off my sword and shield, and charge forward to that place beyond the horizon. For the sun will always break through the clouds, calm the flood and blaze with a familiar intensity. But this time around I am wiser. I refuse the crucifixion of self-doubt. The desert is now my playground where I draw spirals in the sand, and I will never forsake the love that gives me everlasting life.