Monday, July 22, 2024

Moon Resources

What would be without a handpicked list of resources? Below you will find both scientific and spiritual resources to tantalize your inner lunar being.

Mystical Lunar Resources

  • Make some moon water to use for your health, plants, or other rituals: Healthline link
  • Meditating with the moon to help manifest your dreams and desires: Moonglow link
  • Participate in an ancient ritual to clip finger and toe nails only during full or new moons. This will align your body’s growth energy with the cycles of the moon. The longer you practice this ritual, the more connected you’ll be to the lunar forces to bolster your moon ritual energies.
  • Some fun moon superstitions here: Folklore and Mythology of the Moon
  • What the moon means in your astrology: Café Astrology link
  • Did the cow really jump over the moon?: An old nursery rhyme

Scientific / Astronomical Moon Resources

Moon Shopping Resources

Get your moon bling on! Here are some treasures I’ve found to enjoy a more moon you!

  • Yasmin Boland’s lovely and powerful Moonology Cards at Amazon for meditation and divination
  • The Original Moon Lamp. Better than knock offs!: Glowing moon lamps
  • Or how about a LEVITATING moon lamp at Amazon
  • Full moon pendant / charm at Etsy
  • A bigger and .999 silver version charm at Amazon
  • Some moon for your yard? Concrete garden plaque at Etsy