Monday, May 27, 2024

We be ‘Vibing’

You hear it all the time these days, that people are relaxing with their fave pastime, or connecting with others. But the term ‘to vibe’ has roots that go way back to ancient hermetic philosophy.

Nothing rests… everything moves… everything vibrates.

The Kybalion

Highest vibration – ‘The All’ is where everything known and unknown manifests. It encompasses everything created and not yet created. It is actually something that we cannot even comprehend, so we try to create images or beings that can help us imagine the magnitude of that which is Everything and Nothing. I compare it to asking an ant to imagine everything that exists on the planet. Such an endeavor is simply not fathomable, but we do the best we can given the physical and psychic resources given to us. The All is also known as God, the Universe, or any other entity that would be referred to as the source of all things. At the vibrational level, the mind of The All vibrates to the level of infinity. At this speed, it seems not in motion at all, like a wheel that spins so fast that it appears to be at rest.

Lowest vibration – The densest forms of matter exist here. Think of a rock, or a piece of lead. The vibrations of these heavy and cold items seem at rest, but in fact the atomic substances that make them are indeed in motion. The energy within them is stable and holds a lot of potential action, but in general it seems dense and dumb to our senses.

Where we vibrationally exist – Somewhere between the highest vibration of The All, and those items that exist at near zero degrees Kelvin, is the realm of human beings. We all are vibrating at different levels. When happy and excited, we vibrate at a higher frequency. When we’re sick or depressed, the vibration is notably lower. Between our highest highs and lowest lows, there exists millions of levels of vibrational energy affecting our mind, emotions and physical bodies. Our personal and interpersonal interactions are like a dance of these vibrations. We are influenced and influence others by the vibrations of internal thoughts as well as external stimuli, like music. There’s so much that can be covered on this one topic, but essentially think of our lives here on earth as a vibrational experience from our minds to our bodies and beyond.

The law of attraction – Have you ever wondered why we always seem to attract certain types of people or events into our lives? We do so because we are a vibrational match to others and things around us. This is the realm where we feel ‘connected’ to each other or to nature, for example. And if we are repeatedly attracting things that are not pleasant, it’s because there was something that happened to us in the past that set our mind to a certain vibration. Each one of us is living exactly the life ‘we think’ we deserve. We may not realize that we are thinking things into our existence, but this law of attraction is happening at a very sublime level. If there is something bad that keeps returning, it’s very likely that we are holding onto something dark or injurious. Only when we do the work to peel away the protective layers of our psyche, can we finally start to see an improvement in life. The universe is giving us exactly what we are asking for at the soul level, so it’s good to sit quietly and listen to what your soul is emanating.

One simple exercise to reveal the inner thoughts of the soul is to find a place without any input. Turn off all the screens, all the music, and even lower the lights or turn them off completely. Then listen… simply listen to what starts to come out of the mind. You may be really surprised at what you experience. Do this for a solid ten minutes at first, or more if you like. Then get paper and pen and write down everything you can remember. This is the beginning of self-discovery that can really change your life, one vibration at a time.