Saturday, June 15, 2024

What is a Mystic?

Do you consider how your present actions may influence future consequences?

Do you wonder if the legend of Atlantis actually existed?

Have you noticed that certain numbers follow you around?

Have you ever pondered deeply what the meaning of life is?

You may be a mystic.

Traditionally, being a mystic was tied to ancient hermetic knowledge that was taught at the mystery schools in ancient Egypt. It was there that adepts sought spiritual knowledge more than material wealth and were welcomed to come learn about things that operated at the sublime levels of human existence. This knowledge was held secret and bestowed only to the dedicated initiates of the time. This was done for many reasons. Perhaps one of those reasons was because those who sought material power would use the knowledge for self-serving purposes, and it’s best to keep the knowledge of how the spiritual world works under wraps.

There are two main realms of the human experience: The gross and the sublime; or one can say, the physical and the spiritual. The former is firmly rooted in the five physical senses. The lower and functional vibration of the material existence is where most people live. They are concerned with only things that can be proven to the five senses. This is where the scientific method lives and breathes.
The higher vibration, on the other hand, is where the mind of the mystic exists. This is the plane where we understand that energy manifests into the material. Mystics understand that it is the inner mind that needs to be changed for outside results to happen. It’s something called mental alchemy. The scientific method is respected, but a mystic understands the quantum quality of how everything interacts, and the divine dance of energetic forces is where changes happen from moment to moment.

This website is dedicated to being a resource for the mystical mind. For those who are looking for a way to study like the initiates of old, you can find a formal coursework through the Rosicrucian Order. It is a spiritual community of mystics with no religious affiliation.

May your mind wander through the flowing channels that connect all of us together, and may you find Peace Profound!

So mote it be!