Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Art of Divination

For those of you who have found this site, I wish to welcome you to another way of thinking. So many of us live life as a reaction to things that happen from outside influences, while others have found methods to take in information through the experiences of life, and then choose to act with the best decision for the moment. Truly, life is a blend of acting and reacting. In a fast-paced society filled with so many interactions, it’s sometimes hard to not react. But at the end of each day, we can reflect and evaluate how we responded to external stimuli and choose to make improvements the next time we run into similar people or situations.

When we want more insight to our lives, we can use the tools of divination. These come in almost innumerable forms, but most of us know things like Astrology, the Tarot, and palm reading. The questions we ask almost always revolve around these categories: Love life and family; Money and career; Health and wellness. These categories encompass over 90% of the questions that people ask to psychics. The answers to these questions are deep within the subtle energy of human existence, and can be consulted using tools of divination.

To have a conversation with the inner self, we can employ these tools to tap deep within to help bring out emotions and ideas. Our soul and subconscious selves have so many answers to the questions we have. The trick is to unlock these treasure chests of wisdom. Some may do it through a deep meditation. Some use traditional psychotherapy. Others use tools like the I Ching, Tarot cards, Runes, palmistry or others available in the market. But no matter the method chosen, the best source that is queried is the spiritual teacher within, who is in closest contact with our truest emotional self.

The Good and Evil of Divination

An important aspect of consulting these psychic tools is how others may perceive the process. For example, many of my friends and family in the mainstream Christian churches are deeply concerned with the fate of my soul. They are taught that consulting oracles is a bad thing. They know I read the Tarot. I’ve been doing so for decades. They believe that reading them is sorcery, and laden with evil. Those of us who divine with our favorite cards or crystal balls run into this prejudice on a regular basis. What I try to explain to them is how the Tarot and other similar oracles work in the realm of the human psyche. These oracles tap into our subconscious (individual or collective) to bring forth messages from the spiritual realm where our souls are all connected. The images and messages are simply sent through this communication channel, and are open to interpretation. There are no hard-set conclusions about the future, but instead ‘seeing the future’ simply means that we see present energies that are lined up that will likely lead to a particular end result. We must remember that life is quantum in nature and there are no tools that will give us a definite answer. We simply get guidance. In essence, those who use divination are not stepping outside the realm of God. In actuality, there is nothing that exists outside of ‘The All’ or the Omniscience of God. Everything we can ever possibly know in this human existence is encompassed in the realm of God (aka The All, the Universe, etc.).

Good and evil are but points on the same plane of existence. For example, one can easily say that shoplifting is more evil than charity. Those are not extreme points of the good-and-evil plane, but just illustrate how relative things are. The mindset of a divinator is as varied as the millions of colors of the visible spectrum. If one is using tools to cast a bad spell on a person, it’s no different than harboring ill will towards another person. Christians do this as much as non-Christians. A divination tool is simply a method to focus one’s energies. It can be used for positive or negative results. Thus, if I tap into the collective unconscious to help a friend find their lost dog, is that considered evil? No, of course not. Psychics use these tools to tap within the spiritual realm to ‘see’ messages and indicators of where a person or situation is headed.

The Freedom of Choice

One of the best arguments when I run into an emphatic person, usually a mainstream Christian, who says I’m teaming up with the devil, is this. I ask, “Do you think that God knew that Lucifer was going to betray him and try to take over the realm of heaven?” The answer has to be a resounding YES, because if God didn’t know, then God can’t be all-knowing, which is impossible. Of course God knew! And more than that, God let it happen. This is an example of freedom of choice or free will. We can choose to do good or evil, though our soul only expands into light of Christ consciousness when we choose to do good. Divination with the Tarot, Astrology, or other tools have no bearing here. It’s like a gun (which many mainstream Christians love to have). It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the person that pulls the trigger, right?. So the point is, tools of divination have no power on their own. The quality of energy comes from the person using it.

My Favorite Divination Tools

Now that we’ve cleared the air on the energy of the tools we can use, I want to share my favorite tools. I started in my teens with the classic Rider Waite Tarot deck that people know so well. And though I’ve used a few other decks over the years, I’ve fallen in love with the Universal Celtic Tarot by Cristina Scagliotti. See all the individual cards here.

Here’s a list of my other tools in my toolbox:

  • I Ching coins – Ancient Chinese divination
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Druid Animal Oracle – oracle cards
  • Pendulums to divine answers to questions
  • Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
  • The Hermetic Tarot – black and white images of tons of symbolism
  • The Rider Waite Tarot – illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith
  • The Ghost Tarot – Illustrated by Davide Cozsi
  • And of course, my third eye, Ajna आज्ञा

If You Choose

If you were on the fence, wondering if you should employ a psychic or explore the many tools of divination, I hope this article has helped shed some light. Whatever you choose, may you always seek the light and do your part for self-illumination so you can help humanity level up. Namaste!